Monday, 15 August 2011



My name is Darren, the man who is fortunate enough to be married to Lynsey, for whom I have set up this blog.  Lynsey has no prior experience of blogging but, as she is starting out on what I am sure will be a challenging and emotional journey to the heart of the Rwandan genocide, she will need somewhere to catalouge her thoughts and experiences.

Why is Lynsey putting herself through this, she is not the most naturally overt person you will meet, indeed anyone meeting her for the first time may even describe her as a little timid, she is not.  Lynsey is fierce and loyal and loving once you get to know her, which is why when Lynsey was presented with the opportunity to visit this area of Rwanda, meet the people, listen to their stories and experience their culture, she instantly knew she had to do it.  Not only for herself, but to pass on what she learns to those groups of people that she helps and interacts with on a daily basis.  To give talks in schools, women's groups and youth centers.  To show what people can achieve, even after facing unimaginable horror and hatred.  To show how people can learn to look beyond the past and move towards a better future together.

I am immensely proud of her decision to undertake this and she will have many hurdles to overcome even before she leaves, not least of which will be funding the trip.  But there will also be other challenges, how to prepare herself for meeting the people who lived through this, how to live with meeting children in the local orphanage, looking at their faces and then returning home to her daily comfort, knowing they must remain.

I have no doubt that Lynsey will meet these challenges in the same way she always does, by preparing carefully and then just doing it, knowing that she has the support of a loving family and friends. 

Good luck Lynsey, the blog is now all yours.

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